The Taliban, and Pakistani Border guards are seen with the Norinco[1]Type 56 assault rifles. A number of Soviet Army soldiers were also seen armed with Norinco Type 56 rifles (without the folding bayonet attached, though retaining the mounting hardware) during the scenes dealing with the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Since most of the scenes for Kabul and Afghanistan was filmed in Kashgar, China; the production crew didn't have access to genuine Russian-made Kalashnikov rifles and had to use Chinese ones instead. It should also be noted that the real-life Taliban did extensively use the Norinco Type 56 assault rifle during their five year occupation of Afghanistan.A pair of Taliban are seen looking for Amir are armed with Type 56-1's..
Pig sticker type 56
Type 56s
Soviet type 56
Soviet about to kill baba
Beard patrol type 56
Taliban's with type 56's
Ghazi taliban type 56
More taliban type 56
Car patrol type 56
Window type 56
Unlock gate type 56
Shooting type 56's
Taliban type 56-1